As a fireworks consumer, you are an important part of the fireworks industry. So it would be very important for all of you to observe safety in order to fully appreciate its beauty. Here are some guides for fireworks safety:
-Buy fireworks only from reputable dealers, and use them only where they are legal.
-Let children use fireworks only in the presence of adults.
-Always have a bucket of water to splash anything that might catch fire.
-Keep all unused fireworks in a nearby “ready box” before firing.
-Keep the spectators at least 50 feet away from the firing site.
-Light only one item at a time.
-Rather than handling them in your hand, place roman candles securely into sturdy support.
-Rather than leaning over fireworks, stay back and reach out to light them.
-Ask every one to drop their sparklers into a bucket of water when they're done.
-Clean the area completely after the fireworks are all over.

-Have fun and be safe!
This is a friendly reminder from:Philippine WOW Fireworks Manufacturing INC.